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Introducing Magic Typing

It is a technique which helps people to learn computer touch typing in just four hours. Magic typing leads you to a different world away from typewriters devoid of cumbersome methods. It helps to type with a good speed without fumbling or hunting for keys. Magic typing asks for no prior knowledge of typing.
magic Typing

Why Magic Typing

Enjoy the new experience of learning note books, cd’s or software and above
all no prior knowledge of typing is required.

No CDs or Software

No ASDF Method

No Prior Typing Knowledge Required.

No Age Limit


Magic typing is a simple 4 hours course with an option of 1 hour per day for 4 days or 2 hours per day for two days. All you need is to just spend an hour or two per day and that fulfills your ‘need for speed,’ builds accuracy and confidence. Touch typing can rapidly increase your typing speed putting away the hunt and peck method and various other methods which are incredibly slow. Even a person who is hunting and pegging for keys can type with a good speed.

Numbers Says Everything

One who has learnt touch typing will never look at the keyboard while typing. The fingers automatically hit the right keys due to which the total focus is on the computer screen and not the keyboard.
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