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It is really amazing. I entered here with zero knowledge in typing and I could type words and sentence in three hours class so I feel it's worth doing course here.

Teacher (Kendriya Vidyalaya)

No words could describe this learning experience. This will save lot of time which we could be wasting thinking over and over again. No wonder this has been rightly called magic typing.

S Rajendra Babu

This course helped me to increase the speed of keyboard operations. Very useful course. It is a really a very effective and easy method. Truly a magic in four hours trainig. I want to congratulate and appreciate the institution for this there innovation.


Typing is easier without seeing keyboard and monitor, less strain is felt it is interesting to work on the computer with this knowledge of touch typing. To be very frank first I just couldn't believe this, even after the first day I was not sure but this institute did prove that "Nothing is Impossible" I thank them for that and I even recommend this to everyone.


I have no previous typing knowledge after I join the class I can type easily and accurately without looking the keyboard and monitor.